I am a quantitative researcher interested in mental health (both mental ill-health and wellbeing) through the lifecourse, including prevalence, development, antecedents, consequences and interventions to promote better mental health. I use several longitudinal studies, including the British birth cohort studies, in my research. I am interested in the new insights that can be gained from applying different methodologies (usually borrowed from other areas/disciplines) to answering research questions relating to the measurement and development of mental health.

In terms of interventions, my research focuses on community based interventions that are not mainly about treatment but also focus on prevention of problems, reduction of stigma around mental health and promoting greater wellbeing.

Research areas:

  • Population mental health
  • Lifecourse epidemiology
  • Transdiagnostic mental health
  • Mental health literacy and stigma
  • Advanced statistical methods for longitudinal data

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My  publications can be viewed here

To see easy to access lists of my publications (with access to full texts in many cases), please check the University website (or researchgate) or just get in touch if you would like to read a paper and cannot access them freely online…